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Modern Haiku Submissions

Submissions of up to 10 modern haiku may be submitted via email to the Modern Haiku Editor

Modern Haiku are poems that have three lines but not necessarily short/long/short and vary in length at poet's discretion.  Furthermore, these haiku do not require a formal "cut-marker" (kireji);  rather, it can be indicated by syntax.  This technique often brings about additional ambiguity and allows the reader to dig deeper into his/her creative force, experience and co-participation.

Subjects vary from nature, to urban, to war, to all things of life and death.  There is no rule or demand regarding subject.  (We do not regard senryu to be Modern Haiku.)

The common "phrase and fragment" aspect of haiku must be maintained.  Modern Haiku remains a genre of comparison - part one compared to part two brings out the unsaid and, therefore, additional meaning.  

Summary of requirements:

  • 3 lines
  • a "cut" (though not necessarily marked) (indicated by syntax)
  • deeper meaning through comparison (provided by the phrase/fragment structure)
  • season indicator, kigo, zoka reference is not necessary though acceptable
  • poetics and aesthetics are encouraged to avoid shallow three line lists of words


from a bad dream 
my eyes split-open
the singing dawn

                                                    Kala Ramesh