mountain pass —
the icy sound of wind
against itself


crunching to a halt  
under this cobalt blue sky 
I can only stare


cirrus clouds —
an icy gust lifts a note  
from my hand


cemetery —
the slow halting descent  
of a snowflake


standing on thin ice
bubbles tumble and pause
below my feet


Francis Masat is Prof. Emeritus, Rowan Univ., NJ. Over a 1000 of his poems appear in over 100 journals and anthologies. His haiku related books are Awakening in Prairie Light, Kindle/Nook, Lilacs after Winter, MET Press, Threshing, March Street Press, and (co-editor) Among the Lilies, Shadow Poetry.  His poetry books are A Taste of Key West, Pudding House, and Prairie Labyrinth, Nook.