• checking the label
    for low saturated fats —
    autumn trees


    too small for meat . . .
    the jogger leaves a snail
    to cross the path

    a bite
    beyond my hand's reach . . .
    these mosquitoes


    All Saints' Eve —
    the Hitler moustache
    on a boy's face

  • heavy rain
    on the road to the farm
    the toad and I


    village uproar
    two stones hit
    the flying blackbird

  • the not-so-little lies
    within your words —
    heat-cracked soil


    wind-blown seeds
    the flow of life
    without tethers


    ancestral pull —
    pieces of my village
    clinging to my shoes


    war drums
    rivulets of rain hitting
    corrugated roofs


    silent tides
    the sound of loneliness
    washing over loneliness