• Ben Moeller-Gaa

    winter wind
    our divide


    migrating geese
    awakening the ache
    inside me


  • Benson, Jan

    milking honeysuckle downpour


  • Benson, Jan

    green barley
    a slack tide
    of turfan silk

    Akitsu, Spring 2018

  • Benson, Jan

    pulling corn silk
    under starlight
    a single firefly


    first blossoms
    float upon clouds
    old pond

  • Benson, Jan

    defensive dating
    unspooling avatars again
    and again


  • Beverly Acuff Momoi

    during chemo
    he plays the ponies
    rarely speaks ---
    she shops the QVC channel
    looking for miracles

    getting her affairs
    in order, to make it easier
    for her daughter
    knowing nothing
    can make it easy

    the sky drizzles grey
    and tulle fog settles in the valley's
    every crevice
    just a little out of focus
    my last picture of you

  • Beverly Acuff Momoi

    snow drifts reach for eaves
    in that long pause
    she knows
    he will not make it

    the cat retreats
    to the corner of the closet
    deep within the dark
    how often
    I choose silence

  • Bialek, Wendy C.

    after the snap
    family removed his arms
    but not the ptsd

    Failed Haiku September 2018

  • Bialek, Wendy C.

    he's so controlling
    he wants to pick out
    her next husband


    his temporary
    blackout - her years
    of terror flashbacks

  • Bialek, Wendy C.

    S H A T T E R                   D!
               -               I                  / -
                       \                     I
                   I                 I - I   -/

  • Bill Kenney

    autumn nightfall
    my notebook full
    of first drafts


    moon over water
    a song
    from the other shore


    lifting off the lake
    the wild geese leave
    me behind


    come back sparrow
    I promise to make
    lots of crumbs


  • Black Ice

    black ice
    I drive over
    the moon

    vape smoke escapes
    her pale white face

    early morning
    the prisoner’s breath lingers
    above barbed-wire

    tire chains left behind
    on the narrow highway

    Christmas shopping
    she tries on
    another necklace

    gold light shimmers
    across the water

    breaking news
    in the old t.v.
    drifting clouds

    trying to sleep
    in the hospital lobby

    smell of coffee
    I take another bite
    of a salad

    strangers walking briskly
    through the garden

    deep into the night
    sound of sirens

    seagulls calling
    above dim streetlamps

    dementia . . .
    waves washing away
    footprints in the sand

    migratory patterns
    in the wings of a butterfly

    my neighbor gives me
    another cookie

    new cracks form
    in the marble steps

    heavy rain
    sunlight pierces through
    broken thoughts

    solving the last word
    of a crossword puzzle

    early morning . . .
    I light another journal
    on fire

    headlines trickle down
    a vacant driveway


  • Bottom of the 9th

    bottom of the 9th
    drops of moonlight
    on the pitcher's face

    strangers huddled together
    without names

    a baseball player
    waves at the moon

    under bright lights
    the constant hum of conversation

    a hushed silence
    after the pitcher throws
    another strike

    SMACK! the baseball disappears
    into the crowd

    sudden downpour
    a thousand pairs of hands


  • Brad Bennett

    birdsong every now


    follow the leader mountain cascade


    between blue sky nothing


  • Bremson, Ed

    perfect storm...
    sounds of relief
    the day after 

    NHK Haiku Masters website, and presented on their TV. November 2017

  • brett brady

         flute notes

    2018 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Awards - second place

  • Bruce H. Feingold

    moonless night –
    my reclusive neighbor
    points out Jupiter

    Modern Haiku – 41.3 autumn 2010
    Republished in: evolution: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2010 (Red Moon Press, 2011)

  • Bruce H. Feingold

    arrhythmia the unraveling of the republic

    Mariposa, 37, Autumn/Winter, 2017
    re published in old song: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2017



  • Bruce Jewett

    buddha taking
    a break from humanity
    reborn as a fawn


  • Bryan Rickert

    giving you my all birth defect


    rough waves again my swelling fear


    in the heat haze of a southern gas station coffee