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A haiku tends to be regarded as a short poem that evokes the perception of change as it manifests in the natural order of things and its resonances in the human condition.

Learning from the practice of Japanese haiku authors, global haiku poets continue to emulate their style(s). In general, they have ventured into adopting Japanese practices of emulating natural voice rhythms, specific seasonal references to suggest change, and a sound or sense gap within a one-to-three line structure to create resonance — to make space for an overflow of meaning or feeling not obviously present in the actual poem. Many experienced haiku poets have been able to achieve a similar surplus of meaning and feeling in just one line.

Under the Bashō welcomes submissions of haiku in the structural form that best suits the author's creative impulse. Submissions of one-line up to four-line haiku will be acceptable.

Please submit up to 10 haiku (1 up to 4 line haiku)
in the body of an email to the editor with "UtB Submission - Haiku" for the email subject.

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