milky way

When I was a little girl, my dad introduced me to poetry. He would get me books on Urdu nazms* and shero shayari*. Most of them talked about love in its various forms. Today, listening to one such song on the radio, I am transported to days of my youth. 

twilight breeze— 
the dreams we wait 
to dream 

Today on my drive to work I think of how we would eat bhutta** in the rain. I smile as I remember the way we would huddle under an umbrella with that special someone. As I get out of the car, I am lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I am face to face with a grey-haired man. We smile politely and he says, ''How are you ma'am?'' I rush past him with a nod recalling the memories.

sunset date—
he promises me 
another lifetime 

*Urdu couplets and songs 
** Corn