• Julie Thorndyke

    buttoning my lips
    against the Gestapo ---
    mild censure
    from the boss
    morphed into nightmare

    dark scallops
    of sea to my right, sun-leached
    sand to my left
    ... the reason
    for poetry reasserts itself

  • Kathy Kituai

    is this the same
    laneway I hurried along
    crescent shaped, yellow leaves
    lie across the path

    the first chill
    in the air since we met...
    easy to forget
    sultry hot summer nights
    never last forever

    what must it be like
    to lose your home to flood
    fire or cyclone?
    broom mid-air, I hesitate
    to sweep your web from the eaves

  • Keitha Keyes

    backpackers descend
    on the beach near our house
    a full moon party ---
    we reach for our ear plugs
    as the waves of music roll in

    on my tree
    I hang the crystal star
    she bought
    in a faraway land...
    dancing light on dark branches

  • Keitha Keyes

    we learn to pronounce
    from the news,
    watching at a safe distance
    ... powerless to help you

    jogging past me
    a beautiful young thing
    that was me
    forty years ago
    or was it yesterday

  • Lorin Ford


    reception breaking up a high plains sunset


    k catcalls the wind blows them bac


    misguided by ghost fungi I curse the crescent moon


    a glass darkly waiting on the threshold


    light at the end of the tunnel graffiti


  • Lorin Ford

    ebbtide . . .
      the far blue horizon
        of my childhood


    after the mynahs
    the quietness
    sinking in


    the long road home
    a barn owl briefly glimpsed
    rides with me


    winter fly
    the many hidden eyes
    of house spiders


  • Lorin Ford

    dusk on the river the bunyip’s cold breath

    Windfall Issue 4, January 2016


  • Madhuri Pillai

    holding still...
    a dandelion amid
    lawn daisies 
    old garden gloves 
    all her summers 
    laid to rest
    nature reserve
    the sound of poetry 
    all around 
  • Madhuri Pillai

    vacuuming fruit flies my karmic overload

    Human/Kind, May 2019

  • Margaret Grace

    is it really mine
    this fortune from the cookie?
    'sweet success
    will follow many hardships' 
    no sign of where I'm at

    on this beach
    waves wash in, wash out
    leaving flotsam...
    now her empty hallway
    a stack of packed boxes

  • Margaret Grace

    yellow buckets
    on the ferris wheel rust
    in a field of grass...
    not even a bird call
    in this Chernobyl wasteland

    in the market-place
    a pile of red chillies
    catches the light ---
    the blush on my cheeks
    when your eyes meet mine

    two brilliant stars...
    Blake's words 'tiger, tiger
    burning bright'
    stalk my mind
    as I toss and turn

  • Marian Morgan

    'friends for lunch' ---
    not cannibalism,
    simply barbeque
    with a few beers
    and lots of chat

  • Marietta McGregor

    this potato peeler
    my mother used
    skins my knuckle too

    Nick Virgilio Writers House Poetry: Haiku, Senryu and Tanka, Volume 1, 2019, page 28

  • Marietta McGregor


    one day at a time one day a daylily


    under spiderlight long gone her song


    poste restante stubble fields of broken stone


    double exposure held back from the brink


    around me echolalia i dream corpses


  • Marietta McGregor

    spring breezes
    through my kitchen window
    first cabbage white


    forest sunrise
    a shrike-thrush
    polishes day songs


    hurricane path
    a meandering line
    of loaded trolleys


    fleeting romance
    her worn-down lipstick
    deep in his glove box


  • Marilyn Humbert

    in the branches
    of a river red gum
    sits an empty nest...
    by my back door
    two forgotten black shoes

    in the silence
    between owl hoots
    a cry...
    welcome babygirl
    beloved grandchild

  • Marilyn Humbert

    among falling leaves
    a minesweeper
    in the stillness
    after her last breath
    silence of the moon

  • Marilyn Humbert

    in the lonely sea
    you forgot, I am strong
    I can swim against the rip

    sitting rocking
    surveying her domain
    great aunty
    sometimes we visit...
    so does the wind and moon

  • Mark Miller

    sunlight through cherry blossoms a girl glides in her wheelchair


    neap tide flipping onto its back a caught fish


  • McGregor, Marietta

    full moon rising and your pallor still painful

    boulders into thaw the worn-away ones/eons

    beach pebbles a plover suddenly

    another grey-weary day somewhere dogs growl