• Daniela Misso

    birdbath …
    the first light of dawn


    evening wind
    a handful of nuts
    in my pockets

  • Eufemia Griffo

    snow moon
    every morning
    without your smile


  • Eufemia Griffo

    chorus of leaves
    the ancient song
    of the wind


    window screen
    a butterfly looking for
    new flowers


    deafening silence
    I wonder if crickets
    still sing

  • Giordano, Angela

    olive fields-
    the tents of migrants
    under the snow


    cold polar-
    blanket of cardboard
    of the beggar


    oriental spices-
    inside the old bazaar
    I find a bit of home


    in the suitcase
    the smells of the earth-
    a long journey

  • Griffo, Eufemia

    moon eclipse
    so brief
    the life of a moth

    spring equinox
    the smell of snow

    knotted branches
    the forgotten nest
    of a heron

    cold wind
    the loneliness
    of fallen leaves

  • Inglese, Angiola

    far thunder-
    how long without hearing
    a reproach

    tinywords 29.11.2017

  • Just 40°

    The only thing I wanted was to make my migraine bearable, so I thought of the tonic that grandmother used for most of her diseases, including headaches. She kept it locked up in the pantry in a finely painted bottle. It smelled like kerosene. So I held my breath and swallowed a large glass in one go. In a matter of moments my eyes got cloudy and I started coughing. Those were just some of the "side effects" of my grandmother's famous medication. 

    two fingers of vodka -
    the Virgin Mary statue
    smiling at me

  • Lucia Cardillo

    the moon preys
    of the spider and its web...
    old window

    la luna preda
    del ragno e la sua tela …
    vecchia finestra


    thistle flowers...
    rain drops caught
    by thorns

    fiori di cardo…
    s’impigliano alle spine
    gocce di pioggia


  • Margherita Petriccione

    a wave…
    and while I say it
    it’s gone

    Haikuniverse 26-01 -2019


  • Margherita Petriccione

    one by one the sun
    leaves the hibiscus flowers-
    sea breeze


  • Margherita Petriccione

    oyster shell
    polished in nacre...
    winter twilight


    yellow narcissus -
    I run no more
    at breakneck speed

  • Margherita Petriccione

    rows of grapes
    the pregnant body
    of my daughter

    23rd Mainichi Haiku Contest 2020 - Second Prize

  • Maria Concetta Conti

    july afternoon
    looking at a cloud
    he passes away

    Mainichi- July 7, 2020

  • Maria Concetta Conti

    whatever it takes
      to keep her alive
    autumn rain


    warm autumn
    even the wind
    is a soul


    a love song
    the faint sound
    of autumn rain


    autumn leaves
    even the sky is not
    a limit


    writing words
    in unusual sequences
    autumn moon


    our silences
    the fog has covered
    even the moon


  • Maria Teresa Piras

    war pollution -
    the pastures, around,

  • Mariangela Canzi

    gorse in blossom
    a man in the sun
    writing a card

    Modern Haiku: Volume 51.2, summer 2020

  • Mariangela Canzi

    sudden rain
    the robin's wings
    wide open


    I hold my dog
    on the scented path


    hot stones
    blades of grass
    push through


    winter morn
    lighting the air

  • Marina Bellini

    I place you
    on the last flower
    dying butterfly

    Mainichi Daily Haiku: 21/12/2018


  • Petriccione, Margherita

    in each phrase
    the name of her son-
    cicada shell

    plic ploc _
    a tap drips
    the infinity

    salami sandwich -
    the boar's footsteps
    scented with moss

  • Petriccione, Margherita

    the mechanical shovel
    flattens the dunes


    commuter's train -
    of a dirty periphery