United Kingdom

  • Gilbert, Mark

    reading poetry
    all that white space
    in the clouds


    the cries of polished shoes
    on polished linoleum


    April morning
    in the dream
    I had a daughter

  • Gilfillan, Mark

    night train
    the brief lives of others
    come and gone

    dark room
    trapped in the camera
    the five lost haiku

    back home
    the reassuring rumble
    of the kettle


  • Hawkhead, John

    evening breeze
    winding through war graves
    the scent of mown grass

    The Heron's Nest, Volume XIX, Number 2, June 2017

  • Helen Buckingham

    briefly part
    of my own life
    memorial swing

    Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2019

  • Helen Buckingham

    through being through


  • Iliyana Stoyanova

    tombstone in moss
    inside the dewdrop
    she almost smiles

    Presence #62


  • Iliyana Stoyanova

    understanding the rose strikes a pose


    dad's memories with my name for a different me

  • Iliyana Stoyanova

    ghost town…
    sakura blossoms
    flutter in the breeze

    Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, 2020 (Honourable Mention)

  • Iliyana Stoyanova

    so bright
    this lonely birdsong
    the moon keeps quiet
    amidst the branches
    of the cherry tree

  • Jim Sussex

    My brave terrier
    regresses into pup -


  • Kelly, David J.

    cheeky monkey fist not on your nelly


    leap second the further sound of water

  • Kelly, David J.

    Christmas pudding
    flambéed to oblivion
    the archangel’s share


    soft hair
    for information loss
    a conditioner


  • Lucy Whitehead

    a flock
    of starlings expanding
    the limits of my life


    first buds
    on the almond tree
    the baby's almost-words

  • Marilyn Ward

    night rain
    the steady drip
    of morphine


    early spring
    i bat your pillow
    into new shapes


  • Maureen Edden

    the weight
    of winter... a world
    of one colour


  • Meera Rehm

    revolving restaurant
      the moon playing

  • Robert Kingston

    not yet spring
    the neighbour’s ball still
    in the garden

    Winner 2016 British Haiku Society annual competition


  • Roger Watson

    in a flash
    one hawk
    no squirrel


    Genovese cafe
    all conversations


    rush hour metro
    had garlic


  • Roger Watson

    cherry blossom shower
    the pigeon
    changing trees

    The Mainichi 6 June 2018

  • Shalini Sunkuru

    trembling winter . . .
    a cup of coffee for

    lulling breeze . . .
    the chanting at this
    hilltop shrine

    changing seasons . . .
    colours splash into thoughts...  
    poet’s weave

    cloudy seas . . .
    the airplane window        
    reveals heaven?  

    sultry noon
    a Mango falls from the
    roadside tree -


    Shalini Sunkuru, a software engineer, fascinated by literature and music and an aspiring poet.