United Kingdom

  • Sliding Doors

    Beep, beep, beep … oh, what now?! Is it time already? Surely she can’t be in labour now. It’s been just under two hours.

    Beep, beep, beep … the beeper continues its disturbing melody.
    It’s so peaceful and quiet under the linden tree and the sweet nostalgic aroma of the slightly shrunk blossoms evokes almost a Zen like state of mind. Not urgency. Definitely not that!
    Beep, beep, beep …!!!

    baby’s first cry
    a silence in between
    the angel wings' flutter

    Count to 10 in reverse order. Ten, nine, eight … Why just 10? I can start from 100. I’m not tired. I’m so full of excitement, I’m having my baby, I can climb mountains, Everest even … What comes after eight? Her hands are so warm. They smell of linden blossoms …


  • Something in the Air

    a musty smell
    in the local museum
    dug up pots

    Things behind glass. Things you can't touch. So good to get back to the feel of now. An open window. Radio music and birdsong mingling in the midst of a damp June afternoon.

    an egret flies
    through sculpted foliage

  • Stephen Toft

    alpine church
    the sky blue eyes
    of the priest


    wild camping
    i catch the trout
    in my dream

  • Stephen Toft

    farewell meal
    the wine has a taste
    i cannot name


    alpine monastery
    the monks
    all suntanned

  • Stephen Toft

    a train window
    the conductor
    lets in a single
    flake of snow

  • Steve Mangan

    a biscuit
    and a cold nose
    in my palm

    a gaggle 
    of geese unzips the 
    summer sky

    subway steps –
    a steep ascent
    to the moon

    spider’s web
    maps the wrinkles
    on his face

    starless sky . . .
    the sniffings of
    a fox

    Steve Mangan is a semi-retired careworker from the UK living as an ex-pat in Turkey.

  • Steve Mangan

    Saturday dad ---
    I wait outside the bookies
    with a can of pop,
    at church we light a candle
    for his horse

    and a robin's song
    in streetlight
    the city-bird sings
    through the night

    winter solstice
    a bowl of red bean porridge
    with fifty birds' eggs
    the days grow longer
    and the years shorten

  • Stoyanova, Iliyana

    misty walk
    a magpie
    shade of blue

    Time Haiku #48

  • Stoyanova, Iliyana

    cicada songs
    last vestiges of summer
    on YouTube


    autumnal sunset
    fifty shades
    of sorrow


    where two seas meet
    the broken V
    of wild geese

  • Sutcliffe, Rachel


    sheeting rain the outstretched snail


    rippling through ripple after ripple sun on the stream


    still childless playtime in the park



  • Sutcliffe, Rachel

    filling our silence
    the heavy scent
    of lilies

    wild voices, vol 2: an anthology of short poetry & art by women
    (Edited by Caroline Skanne) wildflower poetry press 2018

  • Sutcliffe, Rachel

    the snow


    summer dusk
    reading by lamplight
    this moth and I


    sugar cubes
    the scent of horse
    in my hand


    the steady creak
    of the old garden fence
    honeysuckle breeze


    sudden rain
    share the doorway

  • Tim Gardiner

    is Matsushima
    not enough

    the stag beetle
    dodges my foot

  • Toft, Stephen


    desert mathematician arms

    winter architect i buy his silence

    after the frog
    i dissect
    an earthquake

  • Toft, Stephen

    winter my son sleeps in a bear suit

    tonight she says my hair needs moonlight 

    full of milk my ghost brother

    still half-asleep i thank the ATM

    between the ribs a whale a winter star

    old sailor carving songs from the wind

    as my wife sleeps i wrestle a rainbow


  • Tracy Davidson

    black spots
    dance across the dusky sky
    shape-shift their way
    home to roost


    amid graffiti
    and mindless vandalism
    flowers wilt
    in the cold shadow
    of her gravestone


    winter moon
    the longest night feels longer
    for a baby's
    first woeful cry


    Tracy Davidson writes haiku, tanka and other short poetry. Her work has appeared in various publications including Modern Haiku, Atlas Poetica, Ribbons, Moonbathing, A Hundred Gourdsand Notes from the Gean. She lives in Warwickshire, England.

  • Watson, Roger

    free newspaper
    fake news
    comes cheap


    war correspondent
    anticipating battle
    killing time


    a crack
    of broken twigs
    the smell of sap

  • We Rest Our Oars

    river's edge
    starcluster blooms
    in the moonlight

    notes from a banjo
    travel downstream

    purple dusk
    a rainbow of flowers
    in her hair

    picnic for two 
    a mysterious bird call
    as we rest our oars 

    golden droplets sparkle
    on the pussy willows

    a line of turtles
    sun basking

    Ron C. Moss (Aus) &
    Caroline Skanne (UK)

  • Webb, Diana

    catch up one step back a snail's glisten

  • Whitehead, Lucy

    halfway up the stone steps
    a toad and I meet
    in the moonlight


    old postcard
    when our friendship
    was young


    family album
    four variations
    of the same smile